About Us


United States & Mexico

We offer precious metals recovery services on both sides of the border.


Business Ethics

One of our core values is to operate by a firm code of ethics for your protection and ours.


Advanced Processes

We use the latest in chemical processing to ensure the most precious metals recovery possible.

Recovery Percentages

SD Gold Recovery utilizes both chemical stripping and fully dissolved acid processes as well as smelting.

We recover precious metals from excess & residual items & byproducts from manufacturers using 2 different separate chemical methods before the final melt.

We can remove silver and gold plating, precious metals-containing industrial brazes, palladium & platinum coatings on anodes and aviation parts including platinum aluminide bond coatings (with or without ZrO2 thermal barrier coating) found on turbine blades.

The extracted precious metals are sold for you at the going market rate.
Or we can purchase the material outright, 3rd option is a deposit paid upon receipt of material and balance paid upon recovered completion and sales completed of recovered metals.