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SD Gold Recovery is proficient at maintaining a Low Overhead and choosing the best and most feasible method of recovery which offers us the ability to give your company the best Return / Profit for Precious Metal Recovery.

We strive for Fair Business Practices at all times.

Experience has proven we can pay as much as 3 - 40 times more than the competition.

SDGR - PRECIOUS METAL RECOVERY SERVICES with 22 years or experience. San Diego businesses have profited from the extraction services of SD Gold Recovery, a division of Countrywide Recyclers.

How it works:

*  SD Gold Recovery recovers precious metals from excess / residual items & byproducts from manufacturers using 2 different seperated chemical methods before the final melt.

*  We can remove silver and gold plating, precious metals-containing industrial brazes, paladium & platinum coatings on anodes and aviation parts

*  Platinum aluminde bond coatings ( with or without ZrO2 thermal barrier coating ) found on turbine blades

*  The extracted precious metals are sold for you at the going market rate , or we purchase the material outright, 3rd option of deposit paid upon receipt of material and balance paid upon recovered completion and sales completed of recovered metals.